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Pennsylvania Casino Industry Posts Record Revenues

Pennsyl<span id="more-159747"></span>vania Casino Industry Posts Record Revenues

Sands Bethlehem, which captured the lion’s share of Pennsylvania’s record table game haul, but missed out general to its rival that is closest, Parx Casino.

Pennsylvania’s casinos reported top results in their history that is nine-year for 12 months ending June 30, 2016. According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, revenue from slots and dining table games topped $3.2 billion for the period, toppling the previous record by $86 million. Year table games revenue alone was $839 million, up nearly 8 percent on last.

Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Bethlehem may be the biggest casino in the state and, not surprisingly, it took the lion’s share of table games revenue, some $228.1 million, up 12.4 percent year-on-year, and dwarfing its closest competitor, Parx Casino, which took $155 million.

Rogue Chip Smuggler

Sands achieved this figure that is impressive incidentally, despite the revelation that one of the casino’s table game supervisors ended up being charged today with removing high-domination chips from the casino secreted in her bra.

Local girl Brandy Micheli-Cheatham, 44, had been spotted bondibet similar casino by eagle-eyed security staff stuffing six purple chips, each well worth $500, into her underclothing. She admitted to the crime after being apprehended by casino staff that has initially figured she was just happy to see them.

Despite all the exciting interruptions down at the Sands, Adelson’s joint was not the surface of the list for overall gross gambling revenue; that accolade went to Parx. Thanks to a gargantuan slots haul, Parx Casino brought in more revenue over all games than the Sands, by $9.9 million, for the total of $543.42 million.

Sands’ Secret Weapon

But prepare for the Sands to bite back the coming months because it unleashes its secret weapon: International Gaming Technology’s 150-cabinet electronic table game (EGT) station, the biggest electronic games installation into the country, unveiled July 7.

Each EGT cabinet features live roulette and baccarat games, with one real dealer. All wagers are placed and settled electronically, so the absence associated with need to ship chips that are physical and forth speeds up the pace of play, enabling the casino to lower the minimum stake and appeal to the mass market gambler.

Players can bet as little as $5 while more experienced players can make use for the multiplayer options and faster processing, a pr release explained recently.

Parx, you are warned!

Regardless of the enthusiastic embrace of innovation on its casino flooring, Sands owner, LVS Corp, are going to be praying that the push to authorize and regulate gambling that is online hawaii fails miserably come the fall. LVS boss Adelson is really a bitter opponent of internet gambling and are going to be furious that Pennsylvania recently shot into pole position as the state almost certainly to regulate next.

RNC Bad for JACK Cleveland Casino Then to Convention, Declare Gaming Execs

You might think the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week would have been a boon for local businesses. But according to some casino executives at the neighboring JACK Cleveland Casino (coincidentally owned by Quickens Loans Arena owner Dan Gilbert), that isn’t at all the truth.

Donald Trump, Jr. on stage night showed he is certainly his father’s son, as even their mannerisms are similar tuesday. The Donald Jr.’s RNC message this week ended up being largely considered to end up being the highlight of the convention so far. (Image: Bill Clark/Getty Graphics)

The JACK Cleveland Casino plays a role that is integral the town’s downtown nightlife, along with the professional recreations stadiums, museums, and numerous restaurants and bars in the area. But this week, the RNC has taken over the ‘Rock and Roll Capital of the planet’ by hosting its nominating event at ‘The Q,’ as the arena web hosting the convention is known.

The JACK says it’s actually been bad for its own business while the RNC is expected to bring $200 million in direct spending to Cleveland during the four-day convention.

‘We are expecting to have impact that is significantly negative traditional company this week simply because of traffic challenges,’ JACK Entertainment SVP of Operations Mark Tricano told Crain’s Cleveland Business. ‘But we’re optimistic that over the long term, the great things about getting worldwide exposure for the city will more than help replace with that.’

There is indeed a great amount of visibility as the Trump train moves into the Cleveland station.

The Republican Party officially voted yesterday in order to make Donald Trump its nominee. He will not formally accept until his speech in the day that is final of convention, July 21. Donald Trump Jr. cast the votes for the New York delegation that officially put his billionaire dad over the limit. Then Frank Sinatra’s rendition of ‘ brand New York, nyc’ instantly began playing.

The Q arena is house towards the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, and only a walk that is short the JACK Casino.

Also Bad for Hillary?

In addition to the JACK Cleveland Casino not bringing in typical revenues, the RNC can also be shaping up to become a tough week for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As expected, the rhetoric being delivered regarding the stage is the maximum amount of about dissing Clinton because it is all about pumping up Trump.

But nj-new Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the most brazen critic. The former candidate that is presidential who had also been a rumored vice presidential finalist at one point, played a game of ‘Guilty or Not Guilty,’ repeatedly asking the delegation if Clinton was responsible on various dilemmas including Benghazi, Libya, and her e-mail scandal.

Also not shocking: those in attendance ‘convicted’ her on all counts. Christie claimed after their speech he developed the style at 1:30 am that morning. It in fact was a crowd pleaser, while garnering less critical commendation by the Monday morning quarterbacking of media pundits, who largely felt that policy should were a more central focus of the Garden State frontrunner’s presentation.

But it ended up being Donald Jr. who took the evening. The dashing 38-year-old supplied insight on growing up as a Trump, and explained just how his father always instilled hard work in his young ones and their coworkers. The executive that is young noted that his father frequently finds potential in individuals even they are doingn’t see.

‘We don’t learn from MBAs. We learned from people who had doctorates in common sense,’ Trump Jr. told a receptive audience.

Trump Show, Kasich No-Show

With Trump officially the nominee and the ‘never Trump’ movement derailed, the next two nights in Cleveland are likely to focus on uniting the party behind its GOP that is now-official nominee.

One politician who will be noticeably missing is Ohio Governor John Kasich. The former presidential candidate signed a pledge a year ago to endorse the ultimate Republican nominee, but isn’t prepared to keep his word with regards to Trump.

Kasich has done much for the Buckeye State. Presently in his second term, the governor has cut taxes, created a $2 billion spending plan surplus, and grown 350,000 jobs.

He’s also expanded gambling in Ohio by issuing an executive order to authorize video lottery terminals at the state’s seven horse tracks. But that doesn’t explain the governor of the suggest that is hosting the Republican Convention just refusing to participate in any way.

Ohio Importance to Election

One simple truth is inescapable: no Republican has ever won a presidential election without winning Ohio.

The Ohio delegation has been bizarrely placed towards the left of the continuing state behind Pennsylvania for the convention delegate setup. The RNC claims states had been put based on primary results, and Kasich won all 66 votes in Ohio.

But that’s still a tad odd, considering Ohio’s importance this autumn. It’s also indicative of how divided the GOP remains.

Wednesday night, presentations from former rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio should be a bellweather that is telling determining if the Republican Party can finally kiss and compensate, and proceed towards November.

OC Gambling Houses in California Draw Vietnamese in Droves, since the Law Moves In

In Orange County, California, known in the vernacular as the ‘OC,’ gambling houses inside of otherwise quiet communities have end up being the bane of local police. But police aren’t willing to concede to the problem that is rampant.

Multi-player movie arcade games, like the one seen here, are the game of choice for illegal Orange County gambling houses and the community that is largely vietnamese plays inside them. (Image:

The Vietnamese community that largely settled in Orange County after the fall of Saigon in 1975 brought using them their social love of gambling.

The county’s Little Saigon could be the biggest Vietnamese settlement in the United States, with a population totaling a lot more than 200,000. The cities of Garden Grove, Westminster, and Santa Ana constitute the biggest amount associated with minimal Saigon area in Orange County.

And al though an overwhelming portion of this Vietnamese who reside in these areas are law-abiding citizens, there remain lots of bad eggs. According up to a report by the Associated Press, police have infiltrated over a dozen illegal gambling homes in the past few years that are run by gangs.

Leads are often generated from neighboring complaints of traffic and noise.

Others stem from law enforcement simply tracing drug paraphernalia, like syringes littered regarding the streets. The gambling houses are frequently also sources of drugs and alcohol, promoted to fuel gambling binges.

‘ They don’t just go there for an full hour,’ Westminster Police Department Sgt. Darin Upstill told the AP. ‘They’ll be there for hours on end.’

Little Saigon, Big Problem

Running a illegal gambling house is appealing to certain gang operatives, due to the fact risk is low contrasted to dealing difficult drugs. And profits are just as large.

Police tell the AP that the illegal Orange County gambling houses can bring in $100,000 or more a month. And much of the cash gambled by the invite-only crowd that is vietnamese ill-gotten.

The game of choice is a video that is six-person arcade game, where players buy gambling tokens. It’s a kids’s game that Upstill told the Orange County Register in 2015 could possibly be discovered at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Final September, Westminster police confiscated $50,000 in cash, weapons, and drugs from just one gambling home. Seventeen people were detained, but just three were ultimately arrested, highlighting the tiny risk, big reward theory.

Gambling Epidemic

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) says that two million adults that are american the criteria to be deemed ‘pathological gamblers’. Another 4 to 6 million could belong to the ‘problem gambler’ category.

But those statistics something that is becoming again when narrowed down to encompass only the Vietnamese populace situated in the US.

According to UCLA Psychiatry Professor Dr. Timothy Fong, up to 60 percent of American-based Vietnamese qualify as pathological gamblers.

‘While there might be individual biological and factors that are psychological are likely involved in the development of problem gambling, there are social and social factors that may encourage these issue gambling behaviors,’ Fong wrote in a 2007 report titled ‘Asian-Americans, Addictions, and Barriers to Treatment.’

‘Psychological and factors that are social denial, guilt, or shame, coping strategies, acculturation problems, language obstacles, and [barriers to] help-seeking behaviors all exacerbate the impact of problem gambling,’ Fong concluded.

The California Department of Public wellness’s Office of Problem Gambling possesses counseling that is no-cost cure for multinational citizens. And much more state-authorized problem gambler treatment providers are found in the south la area than anywhere else in the state.

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