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Official Explains Lack Of Women In Armenian Government

Early Modern History

Political turmoil in the area during World War I resulted in the displacement of the Armenian population and its restriction today to an space in the Caucasus between the Black and the Caspian seas. Armenians are an ethno-linguistic-non secular group distinct from their surrounding populations. They have their very own church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, which was founded in the first CE and have become in 301 CE the first department of Christianity to be adopted as a state religion.


Armenian business firms in Azerbaijan and Isfahan, in addition to in other cities, played an important position in the commerce between Iran, Europe, and Russia (Goroyiants, pp. ; Frangian, pp. ; Ter Hovhaniants, p. 288). The significance of Armenian retailers in this period pales compared to the necessary position they performed in the 17th- and early 18th-century Safavid Iran (see Aslanian). Interestingly, the wine trade was within the arms of ladies, as alcohol couldn’t be offered openly and was, subsequently, offered out of the house, the seat of feminine authority (Frangian, p. fifty six; Raffi, p. 549).

Notable People

Many Armenian communities in the nation are concentrated round church buildings that function community centers. The first Armenian Apostolic church in America, named Church of Our Savior, was built in 1891 in Worcester.

” lots of of women will have the ability to examine laptop science and engineering through the institution of a $2.5 million endowed scholarship fund. Srbouhi Dussap’sMayda left no newspaper and journal of the time indifferent whether praising or condemning the work.

Armenians In The Middle East

Armenian tradition flourished in these years as the brand new unified province beneath Russian rule gave Armenians a way of their shared id once more. Being part of the Russian Empire also turned Armenia away from the Middle East and towards Europe and fashionable intellectual currents such as the Enlightenment and Romanticism. A big range of Armenian newspapers have been revealed and there was a literary revival headed by Mikael Nalbandian, who wished to modernise the Armenian language, and the poet and novelist Raffi. The pro-Russian outlook of the Armenian intelligentsia continued under Tsar Alexander II, who was widely praised for his reforms.

The first Armenian church buildings had been constructed on the orders of St. Gregory the Illuminator, and had been usually built on prime of pagan temples, and imitated some aspects of Armenian pre-Christian architecture. The Orthodox Armenians or the Chalcedonian Armenians within the Byzantine Empire had been known as Iberians (“Georgians”) or “Greeks”. A notable Orthodox “Iberian” Armenian was the Byzantine General Gregory Pakourianos. The descendants of these Orthodox and Chalcedonic Armenians are the Hayhurum of Greece and Catholic Armenians of Georgia. Through the ages many Armenians have collectively belonged to different faiths or Christian movements, including the Paulicians which is a form of Gnostic and Manichaean Christianity.

One of them, the 25-12 months-old Sona Ghazarian, is the youngest member of the National Assembly. Armenian women have traditionally held few ministerial or other senior positions in the executive department. This scenario has hardly modified since last yr’s “velvet revolution” that introduced younger and more progressive people to power. Most of my household is from Iran; both my dad and mom were born and raised there. There’s an enormous Armenian population in Iran, and though we share some cultural similarities with Iranians, we very much establish as Armenian.

His present project, “Women of 1915,” will present the plight of the Armenian women and the non-Armenian women who helped them. However on Sunday, October 19, 2014, the Ararat Foundation organized an event, “The Armenian Genocide and Armenian Women of 1915,” dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial, and shedding mild on the various who could have been forgotten and missed. Diana Abgar was appointed by the Armenian government as ambassador in Japan in being one of many first women on the planet to be appointed to such place.

” as a result of Armenian women are the inspiration, and the future of the homeland. With the launch of this new visionary initiative, “Yes, Armenian Women Can!

This report ruled that the time period “genocide” aptly describes “the Ottoman massacre of Armenians in 1915–1918”, but added, in an effort to ease adverse Turkish reaction[citation wanted], that the fashionable Republic of Turkey was not legally answerable for the event. In 1071, the Seljuk Turks defeated the Byzantine Empire and captured its emperor on the Battle of Manzikert. In the resulting chaos, the Turks easily overran a lot of the Byzantine Anatolia. Despite Byzantine reconquests and occasional western incursions in the form of crusading armies, a series of Turkish states have been established in Anatolia.

For occasion, one Armenian survivor, Nvart Assaturian, dwelling in a Turkish household recalled encountering Russian soldiers in Turkey in the course of the warfare, and the way the troopers requested her to show she was Armenian earlier than they might help her. To accomplish that, she learn a note written in Armenian to them, which caused them to cry, and Nvart was soon after living in a hiding location for Armenians. Another Armenian survivor, Rose Apelian, was recently orphaned and met an Armenian woman in a hospital who requested her to prove she was Armenian in order to obtain her help.

However, the community efficiently operates its personal faculties, old people’s properties and its own press, though at occasions there has been strain by the authorities to limit Armenian language use in schools. In the east, ancient Armenian churches are allowed to fall into damage, regardless of their spiritual and architectural significance, and the Armenian origin of Seljuk architecture remains unacknowledged. In the 1990s there was an increase in tensions over public notion that the Armenians had been allegedly in alliance with radical Kurds in making an attempt to dismember Turkey, and in 1995 an Armenian church was bombed.

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