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Giuseppe Mastroianni

11 tips on how to easily organize any move

In modern life, moving is not unusual. Every day tens of thousands of families move to improve their living conditions. And cheap movers in Manhattan NY can help you with this. In this case, we are talking about an apartment move. The same, if not more, number of people in the summer period carries out house moving. There are also office and warehouse relocation. Each of them has its own characteristics, but in any case is associated with worries, troubles, material and physical costs.


Problems when you change your place of residence

Given the physical and mental strain on a person, probably the most difficult is an apartment move. After all, you have to do all the packing when the family continues to live in the old apartment. And the daily worries about all of its members are also impossible to cancel. But if you use the recommendations and advice of experienced in this matter, the stress and headaches can be reduced to a minimum.

How to organize an apartment move without unnecessary stress

To make this process as comfortable as possible, you should take note of the tips and tricks suggested by experienced customers. The following little tricks will negate a number of problems associated with changing your place of residence:

  • The best option – to bring them to a new apartment after the rooms will be furnished and all things in their places.If you want without problems, unnecessary costs of time, money and nerves to implement the apartment move, you need: If you are not particularly strapped for cash, you can generally delegate all the troubles of moving to professionals.
  1. First of all, you need to make a detailed plan of the work to be done, indicating a deadline and a contractor. Its first point should be to get rid of unnecessary things. They can be sold or given away to acquaintances, or given to charity.
  2. Beforehand, all the necessary measurements should be taken in the old and new apartment, in order to understand whether there is a need to disassemble certain types of furniture. Immediately need to determine what and in what room will stand, so then do not have to immediately rearrange.
  3. Focusing on the number of items, you must stock up on sturdy boxes, film, tape and other necessary materials for packing.
  4. Stack things in zones, labeling each box. Heavy goods, even for one room, should be placed in several boxes for easy loading and unloading (for example, books for the library).
  5. Special attention should be paid to packing fragile and especially valuable items. Here, saving packing material is completely inappropriate.
  6. Things that will be needed immediately at the new location (certain types of clothing, bedding, hygiene items, etc.) should be packed separately and loaded first. Then they will be the last to be unloaded and will not get lost in the abundance of boxes.
  7. Load boxes of belongings into the vehicle in blocks, depending on which area they are destined for.
  8. It is necessary to check the ways of cargo fastening in the body so that you will not have to pick up shards of broken crockery or scattered things from the broken boxes.
  9. For transporting household goods it is better to choose either weekends or early hours. In this case, the chances of finding a parking space and not getting in a traffic jam are much higher than in the middle of the work day.
  10. Very seriously should take the choice of the carrier. It should be a reliable company, trusted by customers. For example, such company is NOSHA, which has been working in the transportation market for many years. This is proved by numerous positive reviews of customers who have already used its services.
  11. At the time of moving the children and our smaller brothers are better to send to relatives or reliable friends. Such a measure is necessary for two reasons:
  • First, for their own safety;
  • Secondly, so that they do not distract during loading and unloading
  • plan in advance all the work to be done;
  • pack your belongings properly;
  • prepare the place of the move;
  • contact the “right” moving company.

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